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Work with Huaywasi


Are you interested in working with Huaywasi? We offer local and remote internships, coordinator & managerial positions in Fashion Design, Business Development, and more! Eager to collaborate but unsure if your skill set matches any of the open positions below?


Our programs accept a wide variety of expertise, from college students to experienced professionals. We will work with you to find your perfect fit in our organization!

Email with any questions, we'd love to hear from you!!

See our available positions below:

Background in fashion and/or design? Become a part of the Slow Fashion Revolution! 
Location: Lima, Peru and/or Huaycán, Peru.

Job Responsibilities include:
      • Working directly with artisans to develop new products
      • Researching and implementing current fashion trends as well as new techniques to teach and assist the artisans with
      • Designing, sketching, locating material resources for new products
      • Assessing samples and maintaining quality control
      • Developing sizing charts and patterns
Have experience in Marketing, Finance, Business, and/or Graphic Design? Huaywasi needs your expertise!
Location: Lima, Peru and/or Huaycán, Peru.

Job Responsibilities include:
      • Developing social media and SEO strategies to increase engagement
      • Managing all social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Blog, Website, etc.)
      • Designing and creating Mailchimp email marketing campaigns for subscribers
      • Researching and implementing ways to drive traffic to our site
      • Investigating various fairs in Lima and Midwest US for Huaywasi to participate in, as well as stores and boutiques that could host a Huaywasi pop-up shops
Interested in fashion and love Photoshop!? Huaywasi needs your expertise!
Location: Lima, Peru, Huaycán, Peru, or Remote

Job Responsibilities include:
  • Working with the Business Developer to design and create Mailchimp email marketing campaigns for subscribers
  • Creating photo campaigns to drive traffic to our website and other social media platforms
  • Editing and organizing various photoshoot pictures in Photoshop or similar software

      Interested in fashion photography? Huaywasi needs your expertise!
      Location: Lima, Peru and Huaycán, Peru
      (short term positions available for international applicants)

      Job Responsibilities include:
      • Coordinating with the Business Developer to implement photoshoots for current and future products 
      • Photographing products for line sheets as well as live action with models
      • Photographing artisan portraits and artisans working on products
      • Editing and organizing various photoshoot pictures in Photoshop or similar software 
      Lead and manage the Women's Empowerment Program and women in the community in this educational coordinator role. 
      Location: Huaycán, Peru

      Job Responsibilities include:
      • Working directly with the Director of the Light and Leadership Initiative (our parent organization) to maintain and improve our Women's Empowerment Program
      • Establishing program goals, objectives, and agendas for the year
      • Organizing certificate courses, workshops, and events for women in the community
      • Coordinating with workshop teachers and women participants
      Do you speak fluent Spanish and have teaching experience in your field of expertise? Our Women's Program needs you in the classroom!
      Location: Huaycán, Peru;
      Time commitment: 2 month minimum with flexible start date. 


      • Establishing workshop goals and objectives with the Women's Program Manager based on feedback from the women
      • Working directly with women in Huaycán to educate and empower through workshops 1-2 times a week teaching your expertise (Past workshops include: finance, entrepreneurship, and computer literacy)

      Interested in learning more? We accept applications on a rolling basis! Please email with your resume and availability, or for general inquires. Our application form can be found here.


      "From this internship I have been able to gain new skills and find self assurance in the skills that I wasn't sure I had mastered. I want to say thank you for allowing me so much independence in my designs and for encouraging me to be creative! It has been such a pleasure to work alongside Guillermina, a type of learning that I know I could not have experienced anywhere else."
      - Lily Kinder, Fashion Design Intern

      "Being the Women’s Program Manager was a continuous teach and learn experience, going further beyond what I was expecting. It made me richer, professionally and culturally. But I also learnt that, more than the knowledge I could provide to the program, it was tremendously transforming listening to what they had to say and what they didn’t say, valorizing their work and their accomplishments; hence better attending their needs, hopes and beliefs. Working with local women and with ethical fashion I learnt the power of transformation; from a fabric, a community, a dream."
      – Patricia, Women’s Program Manager

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