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The Team

  Sandra Bjarnadottir
Women's Empowerment Program Manager
Sandra is originally from Iceland. She  studied Development and Gender in Spain. When the opportunity came to work as the Women’s Program Director ar LLI, she knew it was an opportunity she could not miss. When she's not working, she loves traveling, running, reading, eating pizza and drinking coffee. 


Mara Quispe Canchari
Lead Fashion Designer

Mara joined the Huaywasi team in May 2018 as a native Limeña and full-time employee. She completed her degree in Fashion Design at Senati in 2015 and specializes in Alpaca textiles! Mara works closely with the artisans to manage the entire product cycle including design, samples, quality control, and final orders & production. When she is not busy freelance designing, she enjoys running, dancing, and eating delicious desserts made by her husband!


Emma Canales Anaya
Fashion Design Intern

Emma is our newest Huaywasi team member, joining us in June 2018. She graduated from Chio Lecca Fashion School in 2008 with a major in Architecture and Pattern Creation. She is using her expertise to create beautiful patterns in our upcoming Fall/Winter 2018 collection. In addition working with Huaywasi, Emma owns her own business creating samples for other fashion brands! Outside of work, she likes to travel—her favorite Peruvian destination is Puerto de Ilo, a coastal city in the South!

 Lizbeth Rodriguez
Graphic Design Intern

Lizbeth joins us as a current student at Chio Lecca Fashion School in Lima, majoring in Fashion Design and Management. She assists both the business and design branches of Huaywasi, using her creativity to help Mara design and her photography and Photoshop skills to ensure the beauty in our products shines in pictures. Outside of Huaywasi and school, Lizbeth enjoys eating, hanging out with friends, and drawing!


 Jillian Schneider
Business Communications & Developer Volunteer

Jill, from the United States, joined Huaywasi’s team in April 2018 as the Business Communications & Development volunteer. Her degree is in Operations & Supply Management and Marketing, and she’s working to increase customer engagement across social media platforms and streamline operations, as well as helping with the Women’s Empowerment Program. Jill enjoys reading, running, and trying as much local Peruvian food as she possibly can (her favorite dish so far is Lomo Saltado)!

Lara DeVries
Founder & Executive Director
Lara, originally from the suburbs of Chicago, moved to Huaycán, Peru in 2009 after founding the Light and Leadership Initiative. Since 2009, she's worked with a steady team of volunteers (both local and international) and LLI staff members to improve Peruvian education for women, teens and kids. She's passionate about the Huaywasi artisan project because it provides not only fair wages to women, but educational opportunities to advance their careers and personal lives.
She now lives in Lima with her husband and loves a good Chilcano (pisco, ginger ale and lime juice--yum).

Previous Team Members
Yet still part of the Huaywasi family
Huaywasi would also like to thank the many dedicated Women’s Empowerment Program Managers that have worked with our artisans over the past years, and helped the artisan program to grow and develop into what it is today:
Justine Gilliot, Leni Rohbeck, Charlotte Bennett, Patricia Imada, Sofia Perhomaa, Jessie Sweet, Carina Martin, Naomi Campbell, Adrianna Carlesimo, Leslie Gordon, Beth Bellatti, Chelsea Mahan, Audrey Fulwiler, Abby Carrigan, Heidi Valimaki, Sarah Renkert, Ellie Hargadon-Lowe, Franzi Weil, Meri Paunonen, Shelby O'Brien, Patrícia Imada, Loli Apaéstegui, María Jose Valdivia Alzamora, Keir Hayden
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