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The Mission

The Light and Leadership Initiative

Our mission is to educate and empower. Learn more how Huaywasi accomplishes that through the breakdown of our formula:

Seven Women

Huaywasi formed as a collective effort between several women from Huaycán, Peru and international volunteers working with the Light and Leadership Initiative (LLI), an education based nonprofit. After several years of developing artisan skills and products, seven women are now the face of Huaywasi. 
Huaywasi women are strong, talented and passionate. They know their craft. Get to know them through our The Artisans page. 

Fair Wages

Artisans are trained to keep careful track of their hours plus the cost of materials. Each artisan is paid a fair wage for their products, enabling artisans to provide for themselves and often times, their children and extended families. Products are ordered on a monthly basis, also providing better financial stability. 


Huaywasi works as a component of the Women's Empowerment program within LLI. Through LLI, educational workshops are offered in the areas of Career Development, Health, and Art and Expression. LLI invites women over the age of 18 to participate in these workshops, free of cost, every Saturday and Sunday. 

Today, each of Huaywasi's seven artisans attends a minimum of one Women's Program workshop a month, and most of them attend several. Favorite workshops include yoga, painting, financial education and nutrition. In addition, artisans can participate in the Computer Literacy Certificate course held once a week for 8 weeks. 

The purchase of each Huaywasi product directly supports not only Huaywasi artisans' financial future, but also ensures personal and professional growth by providing bi-weekly educational opportunities. 

So there you have it...

seven women + fair wages + education = Huaywasi. 

Huaywasi's Commitment to Diversity

Huaywasi recognizes the beauty and value of individuals regardless of size, racial background, or socio-economic status. When you purchase Huaywasi products, you are not only supporting female artisans in Huaycán, but also helping to break down conventional ideas of beauty and promote authenticity and diversity in fashion.

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