Sweet Messages Near & Far on Mother's Day

Mother's Day Notes


Mother’s Day may be looking very different for millions of mothers around the world, as many are practicing social distancing, some have grown children who are unable to travel to see them, some are going on weeks of homeschooling while working, and hundreds of variations in-between these. 

As everything from high school graduations to weddings are going virtual, we’re forced to resort to connection from afar, even when all we want most is to hug our moms.

This year, though our entire team is dispersed and quarantining (from Chicago to Lima to Huaycan), we took some time to collect sweet messages and age old wisdom from the artisans and operations team. 

We focused in on two questions: What is the biggest lesson your mom taught you? 


For the mothers (and grandmothers!) on our team: What is your favorite thing about being a mother?


Artisan - Seamstress - Mother


“Las lecciones que aprendí de mi mamá es ser honesta, responsable y honrrada y lo más lindo de ser madre es tener dos hijos maravillosos con quienes comparto día a día”

“The lessons I learned from my mom are to be honest, responsible, and honorable. The best thing about being a mother is having two incredible children with who I can shara my day-to-day with” 



Artisan - Accessories Maker & Screenprinter - Mother 

Herminia with Daughter

“La lección que aprendí de mi madre quizás ser perseverante y luchadora y nunca darme porvencida”

 La parte favorita de ser madre es ver crecer a mis hijas hermosas y llenas de amor, ellas son mi mundo y me da mucha satisfacción.”

 “The lesson I learned from my mother maybe is to be perseverant, to be a fighter, and to never give up.

 My favorite part of being a mother is watching my beautiful, loving daughters grow up. They are my world and bring me so much happiness.”



Program Manager - Daughter

 “My mom has taught me so many lessons over the years, but her recurring mantra is ‘Patience is a virtue’. As I’ve gotten older I’ve only become more hyperactive in both my work life and personal life, so this lesson especially resonates with my personality. She’s always quick to remind me to relax, enjoy the present, and realize that patience will only make the reward sweeter.

Also, she's super financially smart -- I'm praying those qualities rub off on me. Love you, Mom!” 



Artisan - Seamstress - Mother


“La lección que me dejó mi mamá fue que me enseñó a trabajar. Y así no depender de nadie por que así siempre me lo decía.

 Mi parte favorita de ser madre es de ver crecer cada día a mis hijos y conforme van creciendo cada día los voy conociendo mas”

 “The lesson my mom left me was that she taught me how to work. So I wouldn't have to depend on anyone because that's the way she always told me.

 My favorite part of being a mother is watching my children grow every day and as they grow older I get to know them more”



Artisan - Knitter - Mother - Grandmother


“La mejor lección que aprendí de mi mama fue era muy bondadosa con todas las personas ya sea familia o invitada.

 La mejor lo que me gusta de ser abuela que mi nieta es muy cariñosa conmigo y con sus tíos y tías”

 “The greatest lesson I learned from my mom was that she was very kind to all people, whether they were family or guests.

 The thing I like most about being a grandmother is that my granddaughter is so sweet with me and with her uncles and aunts” 



Executive Director - Daughter - Mother

Lara, Mom, and Gael


"My mom has taught me to always have confidence in my abilities and who I am. The creation of LLI is proof that she instilled in me a belief I can do anything, and moreover, I should do it to help, serve and support others. Gracias Mamá!

Fave part of being a mom: Impossible to pick a favorite honestly. Gael is the world to me <3"

We hope these sweet messages make you want to call up your mom as much as we do right now! 

 We wish all of our Huaywasi mothers, grandmothers, and motherly-figures a wonderful Mother’s Day surrounded (near or far) by love and support <3

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