Peruvian Christmas

 Happy Holidays to all! To get you in the holiday spirit, we thought we'd tell you a bit about how we like to celebrate down here in Perú.  

If you remember one thing about Peruvian culture, remember this - It's ALL about food. At social gatherings around the holidays, it's very common to share a paneton - a type of sweet bread loaf, originally from Italy, loaded with candied fruit and raisins. Yum! And get this - Peruvians love their paneton so much that they were ranked the second highest consumers of paneton around the world!

Learn more about paneton and its unique traditions here.  

At Christmas dinner, a famous Peruvian version of hot chocolate, "chocolatada" is an essential. The best way to enjoy it? Aside a nice big piece of paneton, obviously! 

In the weeks preceding Christmas, it's very common for churches, schools, or other social groups to organize charitable events, also called "chocolatadas," where hot chocolate and sweet bread are offered to children or communities in need. 

Check out Peru Delight's page for traditional peruvian recipes for chocolatada, paneton, and more delicious Peruvian holiday treats! -  

And how is Huaywasi celebrating the holidays? Thanks to our talented artisans, we've got a beautiful Holiday Collection on our website! Check out tree skirts made from Andean textiles, hand-painted ceramic ornaments, stockings for your fireplace, and more!

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