Meet Charlie, our new Fashion designer

Meet our new Fashion Designer intern, Charlotte Bennett, aka Charlie, who’ll be staying with us for a few weeks.
Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself? 
My name is Charlotte but I prefer Charlie. I am 20 years old, I am ¾ British and ¼ South African. I was born in Warwick in England. I currently study fashion design at the University of Leeds. And I am on my placement year. I started interning at Zalando in Berlin where I completed a 6 month product development internship. Then I came to Peru to do a fashion design internship which will last 7 weeks and will be completing more internships before I go back to university in September for my final year. I am a qualified football coach and have played football at the centre of excellence level when I was young. I am interested in design, sports, travel, business, cooking, reading and languages.
Why did you choose to volunteer at Huaywasi?
There are many reasons. The organisation gave me the opportunity to do what I love. This included designing clothing for women, men and babies. As well as try something new with designing ceramics. I wanted to learn more about fair trade and work for a company with a great purpose that help local people to better education and fair wages. I knew I’d also get the opportunity to coach sport to children which is something I love to do and have had experience with in the past. I have always loved to travel, so thought Peru would be a fantastic opportunity that would also give me the chance to improve my spanish skills.
What is your favorite Huaywasi product so far?
My favourite product is the Sierra pillow cover, I just love the colours.
What are your favorite Peruvian dishes so far?
Hmm that is difficult, can I say all of them? I really love the dishes with chicken, rice, red onion and cheese with a Peruvian sauce.
Where do you see yourself in five years?
I will be 25. So I see myself working as a designer for a big sportswear brand, hopefully living abroad and I will also be working on my own sportswear (or other clothing line) on the side, until it grows enough for me to do that full time. I’m hoping to speak fluently in another language, more international experiences, learning an instrument, making more great friends but most importantly just having fun.

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