Formula Breakdown: Six Women (The Artisans)

How did Huaywasi artisans come together?

Well, they all began as participants in the Women’s Program with The Light and Leadership Initiative (LLI), an education based nonprofit in Huaycán. Every Saturday and Sunday, LLI’s Women’s Empowerment Program offers free workshops to women in the community age 18 and over. These workshops educate in the areas of Career Development, Health, and Art and Expression, and include a variety of topics, from yoga, to marketing and finance, to painting, and more.

Several years ago, as international LLI volunteers and Women’s Program participants began working together and developing close friendships, the talent and artisanship of several women became obvious.

Huaywasi artisan Daría, for example, had brought the Andean traditional of hand-loomed textiles all the way from the highlands of Ayacucho. Ceramicist Saida showed a natural affinity for painting and handcrafts in art workshops.

These women along with a few other talented artisans began working with LLI volunteers and forming ideas on how to improve their crafts and create one-of-a-kind products. Today, six of these artisans are the face of Huaywasi. Learn more about each of them by visiting The Artisans page.

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