Formula Breakdown: Educational Workshops

Huaywasi puts women's education and empowerment at the forefront of its mission. What does that mean for us? Well, Huaywasi is a branch of The Women's Empowerment Program with The Light and Leadership Initiative (LLI). LLI's Women's Program hosts twice weekly educational workshops in the areas of Health and Wellness, Career Development, and Arts and Expression. Huaywasi artisans attend, at minimum, one of these workshops each month, but most of them enjoy participating in as many workshops as they can! Workshop themes range from Financial Education, to Yoga, Nutrition, Painting, and more. 

From January of this year until now, the Women's Program has offered over 73 workshops with over 83 separate attendees. One of the highest attended workshops? Yoga! Women in Huaycán as well as Huaywasi artisans enjoy taking a moment away from their busy lives to breathe and calm their bodies and minds. 

LLI also offers an 8 week Computer Literacy Course. The waiting line for this course is always quite full! 

Huaywasi's top workshop attendee? Our ceramicist Saida! Here's a photo of Saida showing off her expertise at a painting workshop. 

Your purchase of fair-trade, hand-made products from Huaywasi supports the continuation of educational workshops such as these for Huaywasi artisans and all women in Huaycán. Be sure to check out some of our new holiday items, like this Peruvian Pie Tree Skirt by Herminia!  

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