Sun Tank - Rust - Huaywasi: Handmade in Peru

Sun Tank - Rust

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The Sun Tank, draws inspiration from Inti, one of the most important Incan gods and generally known as the god of the sun. Made with soft Peruvian viscose, its casual and relaxed fit gives it instant versatility to carry you through all through all summer activities. Complete a sun salutation in the morning and wear it throughout the day to add comfort and creativity to any look.
Bonus: This screenprint was hand drawn by our multitalented artisan, Saida!
The Huaywasi Difference:
The Sun Tank was a collaborative effort. Made by Guillermina and Screen Printed by Herminia, this tank in total took 2.5 hours to complete.
15.15% of the final cost was attributed to labor, given directly back to the artisans. To compare, fast fashion garment workers are paid on average just 3% of what the final retail price of the garment would be.