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  • Ayacucho Headwrap (Midnight) - Huaywasi: Handmade in Peru
  • Ayacucho Headwrap (Midnight) - Huaywasi: Handmade in Peru

Ayacucho Headwrap (Midnight)



Our Ayacucho Headwrap is part ear-warmer, part headband, and 100% soft alpaca yarn. This beautiful hair accessory with an elegant twist will keep you warm all winter without any of that unwanted hat hair.

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Care Instructions: Hand wash in cool water with a gentle detergent and lay flat avoiding the sun to dry (Sustainability tip: Alpaca fiber is a naturally an anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and odor-resistant fiber so it should last a long time without having to wash!)

The Huaywasi Difference

This headband was lovingly handmade by Nélida, and took 5 hours to complete. 

26% of the final cost was attributed to labor, given directly back to the artisan.

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