Staff Picks - What's your favorite Huaywasi Product?

We asked members of the Huaywasi team what their favorite products were, and here's what they chose! 

Shelby, Huaywasi Program Director says: 

"My favorite product would have to be the Yoga in the Andes (Carrier) by Herminia. I think this product is especially awesome because of how much Herminia herself (and her really cute little daughter!) loves yoga. I really like the shipibo patterned version, and (spoiler alert!), I can't wait for Huaywasi to launch more variations soon." 


Patrícia, Women's Empowerment Program Manager says: 

"My favorite is definitely the Wawa Hoodie, because it's simply adorable and I wish I could fit!" 

Check out our latest Wawa Hoodie video:

Katie, LLI Program Director says: 

"First the Andean Pocket Tee - I love anything that Guillermina makes! The fabric is so comfy and it's really cute and multifunctional."

Next Pucará Bulls - I first saw these when I was in Southern Peru where many people put them on the top of houses for luck and protection. Saida makes beautiful versions of these. I gave them to my brother as a wedding gift to represent my good wishes - and because it would look good in their house."

And Lara, LLI Executive Director says, 

"I'll have to go with the Daría Classic Zipper Tote. I bought my Zipper Tote bag from Daria about four or five years ago... it was one of the first she produced with our artisan program. I love it because it's the perfect size for books or documents, plus I often use it as a carry on when I travel. Though I have a different color, I think my favorite color in the Zipper Tote we offer now is the beautiful beige." 


Be sure to check out these team favorites, their color variations, and many more unique products on! 

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