Meet Patrícia - Women's Empowerment Program Manager!

Huaywasi is a branch of the Women's Empowerment Program with the non-profit organization The Light and Leadership Initiative (LLI). The Women's Program offers free educational workshops and courses to women in Huaycán, which Huaywasi artisans attend at least once a month. Check out this Q&A with Patrícia Imada, current LLI Women's Empowerment Program Manager, and learn more about the work she does in Huaycán! 

1. What is the role of LLI’s Women’s Empowerment Program Manager in connection to Huaywasi?  

The Women's Program Manager is responsible for maintaining a diverse and attractive schedule of educational workshops with the goal of making the artisans increasingly interested in participating in the Women's Program holistically, as well as learning, teaching, and creating ties with other participants, volunteers and Huaywasi's mission.

2. What’s your favorite part of working with the artisans in Huaycán? 

My favorite part is getting to know them, their families, what their favorite dishes are, favorite songs, what their beliefs are, their dreams. Oh and also checking in first hand the beautiful products they make! 

3. What has been your favorite workshop so far this year and why? 

I'd say all the financial education workshops, because I am learning from the ground. And because I feel very grateful to see some of the women (including some of Huaywasi artisans) so engaged in those classes.

4. What is your current favorite Huaywasi product and why? 

The Adorno Llamita (small) is one of my faves! Not only classic Peruvian, but also very cute; it's a one-of-a-kind.

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