Meet Our Newest Artisan - Elena!

We couldn't be more excited to welcome our newest artisan Elena into the Huaywasi family!

Elena, originally from the Amazonian region Iquitos, has lived in Huaycán for over 25 years. Elena first learned to sew by watching her mother, and also studied sewing for a short time in school. In her free time, Elena loves to cook, particularly baking pastries! She sees LLI Women's Program workshops as a time for learning and relaxation, and especially enjoys psychology and nutrition workshops. Elena says that Huaywasi helps her to grow not only as an artisan but also as a person. 

So, what kind of custom-designed, hand-sewn greatness can you look forward to now? Well, Elena is working on new tank tops, shorts, yoga accessories, and more! To give you a little sneak-peak, check out this tank top she just made. The back is sewn with a hand-loomed belt from Huaywasi artisan Nélida. We're so excited to be collaborating amongst artisans, and creating beautiful one-of-a-kind products like this one! 





Be sure to look out for Elena's new products in our summer collection - coming soon! 

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