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Meet Francheska, our new Program Manager

Posted on 21 January 2018

Huaywasi is starting a new year with a new Program Manager, Francheska Orcada. Get to know a little bit more about Francheska, her love of fashion and her great personality!
Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Yeah, sure! My close friends say that I'm a smiley, enthusiastic and sincere person.  
My parents used to have many stores in one of the biggest textiles zones in Peru called Gamarra, so I spent my childhood surrounded by clothes, which created my love for fashion and my dream to become someday a fashion designer. To follow this dream, I graduated from “Ceam Fashion Institute” in Lima, Peru in 2013.
I also have many other passions, for example, my beautiful 8 year old daughter and sharing my experience through social organizations. My hobbies are travelling, yoga, trekking, singing, cooking, as well as amateur salsa and bachata dancing, I love it!
What do you think about fashion?
Today, the fashion world is divided: first, we have big runways with huge designers which are great but unrealistic, then we have fast fashion retailers only motivated by money and who are unfair to the people who make the clothes, and last but not least, we have independent designers and slow fashion brands which are, in my opinion, the “real fashion”. They fight against the established, maintain their artistic essence and most of them work fair trade!
What’s your favorite Huaywasi product?
My favorite Huaywasi product is the “Lili Dress”. It’s comfy yet elegant and it has beautiful Andean details that make it unique and special.
What is your favorite place in Peru?
Ufff…. That’s a tough question, I have many!!
But if I have to choose one, it would be Huayna Picchu. It’s located in Cusco and rises over Machu Picchu. The view of Machu Picchu city and Urubamba river is spectacular! Also, it’s a real challenge to climb with its many chasms. If, like me, you also need a little adrenaline, I would recommend you to do it at least once in your life. The magic that surrounds you is invaluable...
Where do you see yourself in five years?
In five years, I see myself with my own independent brand, having grown much more as a spiritual person, improved my healthy diet (I’m learning new recipes), traveled more, experienced some crazy adventures and, with some luck, having lost a few extra pounds, hahaha! But most importantly, I see myself be happy & grateful!

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