Huaywasi Gift Guide

This holiday season, we've really strived to have a variety of gifts available for each type of friend or family member. To make browsing through our product selection a little easier on you, we've designed this gift guide, pointing you in the right direction when looking for the perfect gift, hand-made with love.

1. For Her 

 Looking for something special for your mom, sister, girlfriend, or close relative? The Trenza Scarf by Nélida is notoriously one of our customer favorites. It's hand-knit with an alpaca blend yard, and makes for a beautiful and practical winter accessory. Available in purple, black, and gray - you're sure to find it in her favorite color!   

2. For Your Favorite Yogi 

We've all got a friend who practices yoga these days. Surprise him or her with a Yoga in the Andes yoga mat carrier. The Shipibo fabric is a traditional fabric from the jungles of Peru - sure to be a one-of-a-kind gift!   

3. For Him 

He definitely needs a DMT Long Sleeve Tee. You won't believe how soft this Peruvian Pima cotton is! It's a comfortable, stylish shirt he can wear all the way into the spring!  

4. For the Adventurers 

Know someone who loves to travel and appreciates cultural works of art? This hand-loomed, beautifully patterned backpack makes for a very useful and compliment-generating gift!   

5. For the Littlest Ones 

Got a family member or friend who recently welcomed a new baby into the family? They will undoubtedly love the Wawa Hoodie. It's hand-made, super duper soft, and 100% adorable. 


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