Huaywasi and Women's Empowerment

Huaywasi operates under a larger non-profit organization, The Light and Leadership Initiative (LLI). LLI provides education to children, teenagers, and women in Huaycán, where Huaywasi artisans and their families live. Each month, Huaywasi artisans participate in at least one workshop or course with LLI’s Women’s Empowerment Program. When you buy Huaywasi products, you are financially supporting the continuation of these free educational courses for over 80 women in Huaycán!

 So, what has the Women’s Empowerment Program been up to lately? Some pretty cool stuff! They recently completed two successful courses, one in Women’s Health and one in Personal Development/Mindfulness/Yoga. One of the classes actually broke a Women’s Program record with 19 women in attendance!

The program also recently began offering two separate English courses that meet twice a week. These courses focus on the basics of conversation skills and pronunciation.

Like Huaywasi, the Women’s Program community continues to grow and improve little by little. Just recently LLI Women's Program participants, together with local and international volunteers and staff, got together to discuss what 2018 could look like for the Women’s Program. Some very exciting changes are ahead!

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