How to shop ethically this 2022

Now that 2021 is over and we are starting a new year, we all come across new goals and purposes. Starting to eat healthier, adopt new habits towards a more conscious and sustainable living, learning a new language, or shopping more ethically!

Even though sometimes it can be hard to know where to start and how to make it part of our routines, that doesn't mean it can't be done. 

This is why we want to start 2022 with a brief guide on how to shop in a more sustainable way this year. Today we will review some simple and fundamental concepts, and we will introduce you to 3 simple questions that will help you shop more ethically. 

What does it mean to shop ethically?

Simply put,  ethical shopping means buying products made without exploiting people, animals, or anything that has a negative impact on our natural resources.

However, shopping ethically means a lot more and includes reducing, reusing, and recycling what you consume.

We know shopping ethically sometimes can be confusing, but be aware that by doing it, you will not be supporting forced labor or any kind of exploitation involved to produce the products you buy. And by doing this, you get to contribute positively to important causes like fighting human trafficking, fair wages, or gender equality

Shopping ethically also means you will treasure each product you purchase because you will know who made it and the story behind it.​

How can I shop more ethically this year?

Shopping ethically gets easier as times evolve and it is way more straightforward than you ever imagined. To help you shop more ethically this and in the coming years, here there are three questions you should ask yourself before shopping for anything:

Do I really need it? 

Sometimes we buy unnecessary things, that is a fact. This is why we need to keep asking ourselves, do I really need this? Is there a better low-consumption alternative?


By reducing our consumption, we can save money, but also we can help save the planet. 

If you are sure that you definitely need to buy something, go to question two and make sure you measure your impact! 

Is this the most ethical option? 

Today it is easy to find ethical options to acquire almost any kind of thing. From clothes to food, to travel opportunities and even phones. 

There is always an ethical brand out there waiting for you to discover it! Do your homework, spend some time researching the line of products you want, check your options and make a conscious choice. 

For example, if you need to renew your wardrobe, you should check Huaywasi, our fair trade social enterprise project for ethical (and super cute) clothing products. 

But hey, before buying anything, you should always go to question three and reassure yourself you are going for the most ethical option. 

Can I recycle it? 

It doesn't really matter if you either make it yourself or buy it second-hand, but by giving your clothes, furniture, and others a second life, you also give the planet a break. 

There are always flea markets or charity shops around to check for what you are looking for and if that doesn't work, remember fixing, up-cycling, and reusing is what cool kids do. Get creative and make it yourself!

New year, new me, SAME HUAYWASI!

We wish you a great, ethical new year, and we hope you continue to be part of this family. 

In 2022, as every year since Huaywasi was founded, we promise you to continue to operate ethically, become more sustainable, and help you do so. 


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By Irene Parra, Communications and Development Manager at LLI, Guest Writer

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