Ethical Holiday Shopping - Q&A with Chicago Fair Trade!

Huaywasi is a proud member of Chicago Fair Trade (CFT), the largest fair trade coalition in the US. CFT, like Huaywasi, works to raise awareness on ethical methods of production, safe working conditions, and fair wages. 

This holiday season, we are very pleased to share an interview from Ashley Woosley. Ashley is a senior at Columbia College Chicago studying fashion business. This past summer she began interning with Chicago Fair Trade and is now helping handle business communications, events, and CFT's social media. In her spare time she loves expanding her knowledge of ethical fashion, fair trade, and sustainability. She is currently studying abroad for her second time in London at the University of East London. Read the interview with Ashley below to learn more about Chicago Fair Trade and what it means to shop ethically during the holidays! 


1. Can you briefly describe the mission of Chicago Fair Trade? 

Chicago Fair Trade is the largest fair trade coalition in the U.S. and our mission is to educate consumers about fair trade principles like environmental sustainability, safe working environments, ethical production methods, and fair wages. By working together with local business members, educational institutions, congregations, and individuals who want to make a change- we are able to raise awareness and advocate for better economic and environmental justice.  



2. In your opinion, why is it important to buy from fair trade businesses? 

Shopping fair trade is a way to stand up for the environment and the people that make your products. Every purchase you make directly impacts an individual or a family's life. By buying from these businesses, you are exercising your consumer purchasing power for the right reasons and supporting local businesses that are making the earth a better and fairer place.


3. What advice would you give to someone interested in shopping ethically during the gift-giving season? 

Gifting fair trade is a great way to show someone you care about them AND the world we live in. Possible gift ideas include some cute fair trade jewelry and clothing, a comforting gift basket of fair trade chocolates and teas, or even pop open a bottle of fair trade wine at your next holiday dinner party! Fair trade is truly the gift that keeps on giving.


4. What are some key features to look for when choosing fair trade products/fair trade brands? 

Fair trade products range broadly from skin care products, teas, coffee, chocolate, wine, clothing, accessories, and many more. Always look for the fair trade logo on the product to make sure it is certified fair trade. Some of my personal favorite fair trade brands include Mata Traders, People Tree, Huaywasi, Numi Tea, Divine Chocolate, and Fibre Athletics, just to name a few. Fortunately with the growth of fair trade over the past years, it is now easier to find fair trade products in stores and even online!     


Take Ashley's advice -show someone you care about them AND the world we live in - choose a fair trade gift from Huaywasi artisans! 

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