Ethical gifts for every mom!

Posted on 02 May 2017

       Thinking of shopping fair trade this Mother's Day? We've compiled a list of ethical gifts from some of our favorite fair trade brands, like Mata Traders, Ten Thousand Villages, Cause Gear, Yabal Handicrafts, SoWell Made, Global Handmade Hope, and more! We have something for every type of mom - from adventurous, to chic, to geek! Read below to find what's best for yours!


Got a mom who loves to travel, hike, or day trip? Every purchase through CauseGear helps provide essentials through a 5X JOB to the crafters who make your bags!


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Our friends at Mata Traders, much like Huaywasi, help transform communities by giving women economic power and viable working skills - not to mention their jeweley is fabulous!  

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Yabal Handicrafts empowers indigenous women in Guatemala, and their accessories are bound to be of use for your computer geek mom!

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Ten Thousand Villages directly impacts the lives of 20,000 makers in 30 developing countries. How cool is that?? Get your spa addict mom a gift that means something this Mother´s Day! 

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 Does your mom love to meditate or practice yoga? Kathmandu´s cushions and bags are not only beautifully and uniquely crafted, but also help to provide income to female artisans living in Nepal! 

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What mom doesn´t love her coffee and chocolate? Brands like Metropolis Coffee and SoWell Made make these purchases meaningful, organic and fair trade! 


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