Benefits of Shopping Secondhand - #SecondHandSeptember


With campaigns like Oxfam’s Second Hand September urging more consumers to buy pre-loved clothes, we thought we would share some information on the benefits of shopping secondhand and some ethical brands you can check out!  

Second Hand September

In June 2019, Oxfam launched Second Hand September at a festival to ask people to be more involved in the fight against fast fashion. They shared messages about the impact that fashion has on the planet and garment workers. 

Participants of the pledge are asked to only buy secondhand clothes for the month of September and share your pledge using #SecondHandSeptember and tagging @OxfamGB.

Since the, Second Hand September has taken off with over 80,000 uses of #SecondHandSeptember. Many influencers, celebrities, brands, and consumers alike have come together to pledge to change their approach to fashion. 

Shopping Second Hand  

For a lot of us, due to the unknown that this year has thrown at us, we have been able to take a pause and really look at how we shop and consume products in a more conscious way. According to Oxfam, “One of the few positives to come out of this pandemic is the opportunity to break old habits and build a fairer and more sustainable future.”  

One of the many ways that we can all do our part in this movement towards sustainable consumption is to shop secondhand. Here are some benefits for secondhand shopping (: 

  • The average lifespan for an item of clothing is 3.3 years and a whopping 336,000 tons of used clothing are sent to the landfill every year according to Oxfam. By choosing to shop secondhand, you’re giving these clothes a longer life and keeping them out of the landfills. 
  • On average, we only wear about 44% of the items in our closet, and some are only worn once, for one season, or not even worn at all. When we think of how many resources it takes to produce our clothing, it’s problematic that we are always replacing our wardrobes. Secondhand shopping allows these articles of clothing to remain in circulation even longer. 
  • Unfortunately most of our clothes were likely manufactured in impoverished regions where garment workers did not receive fair treatment or have access to safe working conditions. While buying secondhand doesn’t have an immediate impact on exploitative working conditions, it does help promote and send the message that the large retailers will need to rethink their strategies. 

Oxfam Second Hand September

Challenge yourself to shop second hand not just for the month of September, but in the long term too! If you need some inspiration, check out these awesome brands below! 

1) MAW Supply - short for Man and Woman, is a black-owned vintage store located in Houston, Texas that was founded in 2012 by husband and wife, Norman and Rachelle Clark. Specializing in sustainable day-today pieces, they share their love for vintage and secondhand goods that reflect simplicity, style, comfort, and individuality for the wardrobe of today.

2) Tradesy - In 2009, Founder & CEO, Tracy DiNunzio had a closet full of disposable fast fashion items that left her dissatisfied and craving a more sustainable wardrobe. When she discovered that the traditional fashion consumption habits were also harming people and the planet, she set out on a mission to change this by founding Tradesy, the luxury fashion resale marketplace that enables women to get the designer fashion they crave - on their own terms. 


3) / id / - An ethical & slow fashion brand creating a wearable experience for mindful & passionate lives. Driven by a mother-daughter duo, this team brings a combination of fun, sophistication, & versatility into their designs to create timeless pieces. Their goal is to support makers by helping them to fulfill their full potential in their personal and professional lives. 

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